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Wedding Dresses

10 Beautiful Glitter Wedding Dresses

Maybe sequins don’t quickly spring to mind when pondering what constitutes your ideal Wedding Dresses, yet, connected delicately, they can add to the dramatization and sentiment of a dress without tipping it into disco an area. From Valentino to off-the-peg most loved Needle and Thread, shop’s alter of the best sequined wedding dresses here.

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10 Best Beautiful Glitter Wedding Dresses

Needle and Thread

Adorned chiffon outfit, £850 at

Alexander McQueen

Sequin tulle outfit, £14,000 at


Amal dress, £4,129 at


Fitted sequin outfit, £1,095 at

Huishan Zhang

Sleeveless sequin outfit, £1,895 at

Oscar de la Renta

Sequin adorned outfit, £3,920 at


Unsettled sequin dress, £2,130 at

Jenny Packham

Adorned silk outfit, £2,940 at


Sequin striped midi dress, £1,485 at


Sequin outfit, £15,500 at

Wedding Dresses

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