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Funny Memes Satire Dani Alves’ New Hairstyle

Dani Alves became the player who stole the most attention when Barcelona faced Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final. He stood out not because of the game he showed, but his new haircut.

Yes, the man with the Brazilian passport showed off his new hairstyle for the first time at the Camp Nou Stadium, Sunday (31/5) in the morning WIB. However, the public even scoffed at it because it looked strange.

How could it not be, Alves left only the ends of his hair so he wouldn’t cut it. While the rest of the hair has been shaved.

As a result, he became the object of ridicule in cyberspace. Various funny memes spread by netizens make people laugh when they see them.

However, the Barca defender is still confident with this style. Alves continued to play well and managed to help Los Cules win his second trophy this season after crushing Bilbao 3-1.

Here’s Alves’ hilarious new meme on the internet:

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