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Soccer Player Hairstyle Reference, Seriously Cool Dybala, Dude!

Not only celebrities and artists, football players can also inspire cool hairstyles. From the time of David Beckham, you could say that soccer players have always had a very interesting hairstyle to make it a reference. For the most recent, there is Paulo Dybala’s hairstyle which is a trend among young people, especially football lovers, friends.

Come on, just take a look at some soccer player hairstyle references that you can copy below!

Fringe Crop

As already discussed, Paulo Dybala’s hairstyle is indeed the dream of young people, friend. This Argentine footballer was originally very famous for his side-swept medium hair. However, lately, his haircut has become shorter and simpler. Even so, Dybala’s charisma and elegant hairstyle can still give a neat and pleasing impression when competing and off the field. Paulo’s hairstyle is similar to a French crop, but with messy cut bangs.

Buzz Cut

This hairstyle is indeed widely used by world-class soccer players, friends. There are so many of them, this typical ABRI crew cut can be said to be a typical soccer ball cut. One of these short-cropped soccer players is Kylian Mbappé from France who now plays for the Paris Saint-Germain club.

In fact, because many don’t know the term buzz cut, many refer to this cropped cut as the Mbappé shave, you know. You see, he almost always consistently appears with this one hairstyle, friend. Not just like that, she also dyed her short hair blue to give her hairstyle a variety. Cool, right?

Crop Cut

What’s more popular among men is this Phil Foden hairstyle. At first glance, it looks like Fadly Faisal’s hairstyle, namely the French crop. However, the cut is more extreme and is more suitable to be called a Caesar cut or a crop cut.

So, Phil, who plays for Manchester City, combines a crop cut with a skin fade. The hair on the sides and back is thinned and fades slowly, revealing a bald head below.


The spike hairstyle is indeed the mainstay of soccer players. David Villa from Spain has also tried this hairstyle. Besides being cool, this hairstyle is also not complicated to style, friend.

Side-parted Hair

Well, this soccer player also likes to change his hairstyle. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now defending at Manchester United, has tried quiffs, faux hawks, to man buns, aka men’s hair buns. For now, Ronaldo has chosen a simple style, with 2 cm of short hair that is parted on the side.

Classic Quiffs

Even though it has volume at the top of the front and might hinder movement, in fact the quiff is one of the hairstyles that has a lot of interest among soccer players. One of them and has been discussed above as well, there is David Beckham as a true quiff ‘user’, friend. The former English footballer loves to rock short hairstyles, but the quiff is certainly Beckham’s most popular hairstyle.

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