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The 8 Worst Men’s Haircuts Ever

There are various haircuts that men can choose to complete their appearance. Yes, hairstyles are essential for men so they can appear more confident. In addition, choosing a haircut that suits the shape of the face and body proportions allows them to attract women. Unfortunately, of the various men’s haircuts that have ever been created, not all have received a good reception. Because there are a number of models that are touted as the worst male haircut ever. Then, what are they? View Photos Bowl Cut (Screenshot repro via Ape to Gentleman)

1. Bowl cut The bowl cut is one of the worst men’s haircuts ever. How not, this haircut makes a man seem to use a bowl on his head. The bowl cut was popularized by US comedian Moses Horwitz, who was ridiculed by his peers when he was six years old. His friends bullied Horwitz because of his long, curly hair which made him look like a girl and weird. When Horwitz was eleven years old, he made the bold decision to cut his hair in a side-to-side circle – like a bowl. Although still laughed at, bowl cut a la Horwitz in the end bring luck. From there, he formed a comedy group called The Three Stooges while keeping his bowl cut . View Photos Mullet (Repro screenshot via Ape to Gentleman)

2. Mullet Mullet haircut was loved by men throughout the 1970s. The hallmark of this style is a slightly short haircut on the front and sides. But the mullet cut cut leaves the hair on the back of the head long. Although mullets is one of the worst male haircuts ever, it has been worn by a number of celebrities. Call it a member of a Korean boyband , V alias Kim Tae-hyung who is a member of BTS, or Bakehyun from EXO. View Photos Emo Fringe (Screenshot repro via Ape to Gentleman)

3. Emo fringe The feature of the emo fringe haircut that was popular in the 2000s is the long sideways bangs. Such haircuts usually let the sides remain long with the back that can be shortened to shoulder length or extended. In the 2009s, this haircut was popularized by keyboardist Vierra, Kevin Aprilio. View Photos Comb over (Repro screenshot via Ape to Gentleman)

4. Comb Over Comb over is a classic short men’s haircut. This model relies on the side of the hair to one side. Comb over used to be used by men who are older so that the top of the head that is starting to go bald can be disguised. The comb over is indeed one of the worst men’s haircuts ever. Luckily the model gets updates as time goes on. Now the younger generation can choose a comb over with a combination of undercut, short or curly. View Photos Overly Manicured Fades (Screen shot repro via Ape to Gentleman)

5. Overly manicured fades Overly manicured fades rely on thin haircuts on either side with a thick top. Usually the barber will make a slight gradient on the side of the hair. Overly manicured fades can be combined with low fade, mid fade, undercut, or high fade. View Photos Top Knot (Screenshot repro via Ape to Gentleman)

6. Top knot For men who don’t want to cut their hair short, they can choose the top knot model. This cut has the characteristic of pulling the hair to the top of the back of the head. That way men’s long hair that hangs down can be tidied up easily without having to cut it. View Photos Spikes (Ape to Gentleman vuia screenshot repro)

7. Spikes Another worst men’s haircut that was booming among men is spikes. Men who use hair spikes do look spiky, aka spiky, with the sides that are left thin. Spikes used to be popular in the 80s to 90s. Because this haircut looks neat and iconic. View Photos Blowout (Screenshot repro via Ape to Gentleman)

8. Blowout Last but not least is the blowout, a haircut that was popular in the early 2000s. Not much different from the men’s haircuts that have been mentioned, this model still relies on a cropped style on the side of the head. While the top is left a little long and arranged to stand with spiky and curly textures.

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